Great intervention in the Golden Taurus Aquapark Resort Hotel **** in Pineda de Mar


Project 1 (June 2016): Demolition of the existing hotel staff residence. Jaume Garcia Dias Project

Project 2 (July 2016): Expansion of dining area, new residence for hotel staff and aesthetic improvement of the roof

Project 3 (August 2017): Reorganization of the north exterior zone, formation of a new Aquapark and relocation of the exterior parking

Project 4 (August 2017): Modification and reform of the fountain of the car park roundabout

Project 5 (September 2017): Multipurpose classroom and kids zone


Situation: Golden Taurus Aquapark Resort Hotel **** in Pineda de Mar (Barcelona)

Time of execution of the works of the 5 projects: 6 months (October 2017 – April 2018)

Promoter: Prohoteles, S.A. – Golden Hotels

Architects (Project and Construction Management): Ros Arquitectura

Technical Architect: Jaume Garcia Dias

Industrials: Hidroingenia (pools and swimming pool machinery), New Dieresin Contract (aquapark), Obras Zato, S.L. (main contractor), Consmar Pineda, S.L. (works of locksmith, aluminum and glassware), Gorotres, S.L. (installer).