ROS ARQUITECTURA, founded in 1988 by Francesc Xavier Ros.

The company was born in Arenys de Mar as an architectural studio dedicated to the management, design and direction of different kinds of projects such as new constructions, restorations, urban planning and interior design, as well as the development of the technical documentation needed.

We expect each project to be a new challenge, understanding the users’ needs and their context in order to generate technical, financial, functional and aesthetic viable solutions.

Our work is based on the knowledge of the traditional processes, the design culture, and the study of the new materials and systems that can be applied.

Nowadays, the team consists of 5 professionals including architects, technical architects and administrative assistants. The team is complemented by an external network of collaborators that ensure an excellent development and realization of the projects.

Arenys de Mar - Ros Arquitectura

The team

Francesc Xavier Ros, architect - Ros Arquitectura
Barbara Morera, architect - Ros Arquitectura
Ivan Roca, Building Engineer - Ros Arquitectura
Francesca Riera, administrative assistant - Ros Arquitectura
Maria Ros, architect  - Ros Arquitectura
Joan Marc Ortiz, Building Engineer - Ros Arquitectura
Frances Xavier Ros, Architect - Ros Arquitectura

Francesc Xavier Ros


Founder of Ros Arquitectura. Msc in Architecture from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (ETSAB).

While he was studying, he did some internship in different companies and before finishing his studies he already created a studio with other classmates to create projects for other architects.

In 1988, just after finishing his studies, he founded his own studio in Arenys de Mar, Barcelona. Since then, he has been leading the team to what it is nowadays.

Maria Ros, Architect - Ros Arquitectura

Maria Ros


Msc in Architecture from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (ETSAV). She has been working with the studio since before finishing his study, where she has been working as an integrated part of the team since finishing her Bsc in Architecture in 2015, doing tasks as project design architect and integrating the use of 3D modeling in the studio. 

Barbara, Architect - Ros Arquitectura

Barbara Morera


Ivan Roca, technical architect - Ros Arquitectura

Ivan Roca

Building Engineer

Bsc in Building Engineering from Universitat de Lleida and Msc in Safety and Risk Management. He did his internship in the company BR29 Arquitectes be finishing his studies in 2011. He joined Ros Arquitectura in 2013.

Joan Marc Ortiz

Building Engineer

Francesca Riera, administrative assistant - Ros Arquitectura

Francesca Riera

Administrative assistant

Joined the studio in 1997 when she finished her studies. Since then, she has been an invaluable part of the team, working closely with the architects and engineers and helping them to reach the studio goals.

How do we work?

We like to accompany our clients through the different parts of the project, helping them to initiate the project and develop it according to their ideas. We look constantly for improvement in everything we take part. Therefore, the company can be part of the projects entirely or just in some stages, depending on our clients’ needs.

  • We socialise

    We want to know you and help you from the beginning, helping you to develop your idea so it turns into what you are looking for. Explain us your needs and we will analyse them from different points of view, using our knowledge and experience to achieve the best results.

  • We organise

    We face each necessary stage in the designing process. The client is constantly informed about the development of the process and its qualitative and economical evolutions.

  • We create

    Once we know your requirements and preferences we can start giving shape to your ideas. We focus our effort and creativity on designing a personalised project according to the needs suggested by the client.

  • We materialise

    Final development. It is time to put into practice what has been studied and designed accurately in the studio. We control all the process and the work of the professionals that participate in the project.

How are we?

  • Creative

    We are creative not only solving problems but also finding the existent ones. We are curious and our projects are the result of innovation and constant research.

  • Rigurous

    Perfection is the key to succeed professionally and feel personal satisfaction. We design strategies from your objectives and we review them constantly.

  • Passionate

    We are passionate in our work and this allows us improve, evolve and achieve new objectives.

  • Flexible

    We are capable of changing our perspectives and adjust to new laws and new spheres. We think that it is necessary to see both sides of a problem to provide new suggestions and overcome it.

  • Punctual

    We believe the most important thing is to fulfil the deadlines stablished with the clients from the beginning.